Blockchain and Crypto Influencers


So every wave of technology has its influencers and advocates who see themselves or are seen as the pioneers and drivers of adoption. The Blockchain and crypto are no different. Over the years these are the folks who will become the Wozniaks of this revolution.

The 100 most influential people in Fintech AKA loudest on twitter

The Top Blockchain and Crypto Currency Experts to follow AKA these are the people others thought were out of their minds for believing in “The Blockchain”  and the notion of digital currency.

Start with the guy they can Bitcoin Yezzus Roger Ver

Then there are the Crypto enthusiasts/Promoters/Investors on Youtube. These are the folks on who are not financial or technology experts but are documenting their learning for all to see. Some of them have learned fast and are able to demystify Crypto trading and investing for the rest of us with educational content. Some are all about making money and are most useful for analysis or trade alerts in crypto or ICO’s.



The Cryptoverse


Crypto Sniper

The Modern Investor




ICO and HIYP Promoters

Ian Balina

Trevon James