Where Corporate Leaders get it Wrong #CrushingCorporate


I am comfortable calling myself a leader. And there are many times in the year when I will measure whether I am being a leader by how many No’s I get in the week. Or by how many times I can tell I have made other leaders uncomfortable… not just for the sake of it but simply because I see something they cannot see right now. It is because like Vusi in this video below I know the difference between a Leader and a great Manager.

A great manager manages the present well. Leaders look for the truth in the present that enables them to create a vision for the future.

I have no problem hearing No’s …I welcome the No’s… have literally built my career on nudging people to do things today that I know everyone else will be doing in the future. and I take 1000’s of losses…but I am resilient

You want receipts? Folks are still not really doing personalization or segmentation on their websites… we were doing that at eBay over 10 years ago… many will be figuring out how to do that with rtp and some variation of it in the next few years. I still have to convince people that affiliate marketing is the thing you do right after you set up your email infrastructure… I was doing that at Chapters over 20 years ago…and people still fail to understand that it is one of the foundational layers of Amazon. Yet I still have to explain to seasoned marketers what it is. Referral marketing is as old as commerce itself and yet I still have to explain why acquisition growth starts with your existing customer base. Dropbox knew that and I just recommended that another multi-million dollar business that is not doing this pull the trigger on it… we’ll see if they listen. I brought media buying in-house eons ago…and in the next 2 years just watch what is about to happen to the big agencies. I still have to explain to seasoned marketers that you can reach BDM’s on Facebook… when I have been buying ad’s for BtoB for years. I didn’t even try to explain to people why I couldn’t jump on the marketing automation bandwagon. But I’m already on the next phase with machine learning…could have saved people lots of time… I have been saying dependence on email for marketers today is insane but others cannot see it because they are busy managing the present but I’ve already moved on to DM, SMS, Browser Notifications waiting for legal to catch up…but then again… You have to ask yourself “Are you managing or leading?”

I respect the challenges facing companies today and I always try to have perspective and acknowledge that not everyone is going ahead to the next stop on the train ride to the future… for some they got off at the last stop… and they are focused on polishing their train stop… I encourage you to watch this video till the end… it has many lessons on leadership in a changing world…a global world… and gives you a perspective on the universal truths in business whether it is the 1st or the 3rd world. Leaders are about the future world.